John Monash: Engineering enterprise prior to WW1.

Mile End railway water tank, South Australia. 1911.

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University of Melbourne Archives, Reinforced Concrete & Monier Pipe Construction Co Collection, BWP/23885. Another image, showing the tank under construction, has Location No. BWP/23884.

Designed by South Australian Government engineers, this water tower differs from Monash's standard tower with solid cylindrical shaft (e.g. Echuca). The cylindrical tank sits on a tall framework. This is composed of four slender internal columns surrounded by a ring of eight outer columns which form an octagon. At four levels, the columns are connected by horizontal beams. Pairs of beams run directly across the octagon, two in one direction and two in the other. Shorter beams connect adjacent columns around the circumference. The lower 'storey' is walled in.

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