John Monash: Engineering enterprise prior to WW1.

Mildura railway water tank project. Monash's sketch of 25 May 1902.

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University of Melbourne Archives
Reinforced Concrete & Monier Pipe Construction Co Collection

This partial cross-section shows one side of the proposed structure - to the left of its vertical centreline. (Monash's sketch gives the whole an unintended lean to the right.) At top left is the thin wall of the tank itself. To the right of this (the inside of the cylindrical wall) are horizontal lines indicating the stages in which the wall would be built up. The floor of the tank appears about mid-height. Its central portion is slightly domed, as was the practice with European tanks at the time. The floor cantilevers out beyond the supporting shaft and is thickened to provide the added strength necessary. Half way up the cylindrical shaft is a horizontal diaphragm, like a floor. Ground level is indicated near the bottom of the drawing, together with a circumferential strip footing. The outline of the concrete, and its dimensions, are indicated in black ink. Reinforcement, and details of its size and spacing, are in red ink.

The 'Indian' ink used in drawings dried out quickly on pen nibs, and the black lines at bottom right indicate JM's attempts to get the pen working again. Above these are two pencil sketches suggesting (in plan view) alternative ways of arranging the reinforcement for the floor slab. The top shows a pattern of radial and circumferential rods. The lower one shows a more conventional orthogonal pattern. These were perhaps drawn during discussions with colleagues. Below the diaphragm is a faint suggestion of supporting its centre with a column, possibly using Monier pipes filled with a reinforcing cage and concrete.

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