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Notes on People who interacted with Monash:

Staff, Clients, etc, are listed on a separate page.

Compilation of this list has revealed some anomalies in our research notes and elsewhere. At least part of the confusion is due to RCMPC's laxity with names. Mr Kemter of Billing Peck & Kemter appears in places as Kempter (as he does in some other web sites). One RCMPC memo refers to a Mr Kempton, who was probably Kemper/Kempter. I have settled for Kemper. There is a Sidney Jackman and a Syd Jackman, perhaps the same person.

Names & Links to Projects:

Ah Muoy, M. H. [Shops]

Ashworth, T. R. [Universal Chambers]

Askew. See Twentyman & Askew.

Barnet, Nahum. [APT Theatre] [Francis Pharmacy] [Britannia Theatre] [Connibere's] [Roughton's] [Elizabeth House] [Coates Bldg]

Bates, Edward Albert. [Melbourne Library] [Robert Reid's] [Newman's].

See also Bates, Peebles & Smart and Hyndman & Bates.

Bates, Peebles & Smart. [Univ Porch] [Melbourne Library] [Buckley & Nunn's] [D & W Murray] [Watson's].

See also Reed, Smart & Tappin and Smart, Tappin & Peebles.

Baxter, archt? [Foy & Gibson, Adelaide]

Billing Peck & Kemter. [Grandstand] [Retaining Wall]

Billing Son & Peck. [Albany Chambers] [Banks & Co] [Stuart's]

Bindley, S. E. (PWD) [Brindley?] [Warracknabeal PO] [Govt Printing Office]

Blackett, William Arthur Morley. [Raveloe] [Essendon Town Hall]

Brindley. (PWD) [Bindley?] [Central Tel Exchange]

Brittingham, S. C. District Architect, PWD. [Central Telephone Exchange]

Burley Griffin, Walter. [APT theatre]

Butler, Walter R. [Bililla] [Queensland House] [Cranleigh] [Garage floor] [Colac & Yarram Banks] [Preston Reservoir photos]

See also Butler & Bradshaw and Inskip & Butler.

Butler & Bradshaw. [Mission to Seamen] [Rochester Bank] [Collins House]

Campbell, William M. [Dental Hospital]

Clark, J. J. & E. E. [NMLA Ballarat]

Counsell, F. H. [D & J Fowler] [Furniture Warehouse]

Crawford, H. R. [Osboldstone's] [Snider's & Abraham's]

Cutler, PWD archt? [Warracknabeal PO]

D'Ebro, C. A. [Slaughterhouse] [Dudley St Walls] [City Abattoirs] [Patent challenge] [Benevolent Asylum] [Murtoa Abattoirs] [Gippsland Bacon] [Darwin project] [Abattoirs Tanks, Dry Ck, Adelaide]

Dancker. [Menz's]

Davies & Claridge. [Bagot's] [Morris Residence]

Davies, Clarence and Edward. (Adelaide) [Payneham]

Davies, Felix. [Hewitt House]

Davies, Francis J. [BATC 1] [Condell's] [BATC kitchen] [BATC Stewart St 1] [BATC extension] [BATC Stewart St 2] [BATC shelter] [Dunlop Bldg]

De Lacy Evans, George. [balcony proposal] [Malthouse floors] [Chastleton] [Empire Bldgs] [Walker's]

Eggleston & Oakley. [Collins House extension]

English & Soward. ['Soward's floors'] [Angas Residence] [SA Chambers]

Fick, P. G. [factory, Birregurra]

Flanagan, L. J. [Malvern Tram Depot]

Forster, W. B. [Russell's]  [Grant's]

Foster. [APT theatre] [Factory]

Fritsch, Augustus Andrew. [Church domes project]

Garlick & Jackman. [Kither's] [Register Bldg] [Bowman's] [Jackman's Cafe] [Wondergraph] [Verco's] [D & J Fowler's] [Day's Walls] [Taylor Residence]

Gibbs & Finlay. [Meat Market] [George Hotel] [Craig Williamson's]

Godfrey & Spowers. [Melbourne Grammar 1] [Melbourne Grammar 2]

Grainger, John. (Father of Percy Grainger the musician.) [Collins House] [Savings Bank]

Grainger & Little. [Herald Bldg] [Savings Bank] [Herald roof] [Gippsland Coop] [factory, Toora] [factory, Trafalgar] [Elizabeth House]

Grainger Kennedy & Little. [Abraham's] [Novitiate] [Convent] [Collins House]

Halligan. (Sydney) [BATC Sydney]

Henderson, Anketell Matthew. Architect and Engineer. [Leura] [Alfred Hospital]

See also Henderson A & K.

Henderson, Kingsley Anketell. Son of A. M. Henderson. See Henderson A & K.

Henderson A & K. [Brooks Robinson] [Hicks Atkinson]

Hyndman & Bates. [Robert Reid]

Inskip and Butler. [factory floors] [Chambers]

See also 'Butler, W. R.' and 'Butler & Bradshaw'.

Jackman, Herbert Louis. See Garlick & Jackman.

Jackman, Sidney [Wondergraph]

Jackman, Syd [Savings Bank]

Kemter, G. A. [Albany Chambers].

See also Billing Peck & Kemter and Peck & Kemter.

Kent, Budden & Greenway. (Sydney) [Williamson Theatre]

Kernot, Percy W. [Dental Hospital]

King, R. M. [Lincoln Stuart's]

Kerr, H. J. Acting District Archt PWD. [Geological Museum]

Klingender & Alsop. [Collins House] [APT theatre]

Leith, G. B. [Brougham's] [Methodist Book Depot] [Paddle Bros]

Leith, C. Burridge. [Paddle Bros]

Marryat, C. H. [Malcolm Reid's]

Marsden, J. H. Government Architect, PWD of Victoria. [Govt Printing Office]

MacKnight, A. C. [factory, Springhurst]

MacMichael or McMichael, Eric H. [Verco's 1] [Verco's 2] [Cornell's]

Meldrum. [Murtoa Abattoirs]

Morton, H. E. (Captain). City Architect and Building Surveyor, Melbourne. [City Abattoirs] [BATC1] [Melbourne Town Hall addns] [Spencer St Power Stn] [Lincoln Stuart] [Condell's] [Mitchell Bldg 2] [Grant's] [Electric Co Offices] [Destructor floor] [Novitiate] [Russell's] [Albany Chambers] [Banks & Co] [McCracken's] [Stuart's] [Collins House] [City Abattoirs extn] [Centre Way] [Cannon's] [SA Bldg Regs] [Walker's] [Connibere's] [BATC Shelter] [Wool Exchange] [Wardrop's] [Denyer's] [Collins House extns] [Elizabeth House] [steel vs r.c.] Yarra Banks

See also Bank Place Chambers, although Morton is not mentioned specfically in our notes in connection with that building.

Oakden & Ballantyne. [MMBW Plan Room] [NZ Wool Store]

Ogg. See Sydney Smith & Ogg.

Oldham & Cox. (Perth) [Chambers]

Owen, Lt-Col. [Central Telephone Exchange] [NSW PWD Store]

Parsons, Geo. & Sons. [Grimwade floor]

Peck & Kemter. [Craigie's]

See also Billing Peck & Kemter and Kemter, G. A.

Peebles, N. G. [Melbourne Library (SLV)] [Music Conservatorium].

See also Smart, Tappin & Peebles and Bates, Peebles & Smart.

Pitt, William. [Wondergraph] [Spinks & Alley] [Williamson theatre]

Plottel, J. [Kosminsky's]

Purchas & Teague.
(Major) Alfred Purchas. Guyon Purchas.
[AMLF Kensington stores] [AMLF offices] [Fairlie] [AMLF Woolstore 2] [Royal Bank strongroom] [Veranda Arch] [McCracken's] [AE&M] [Wool Exchange]

Purnell, A. W. [Neville's] [Gibbs Bros]

Reed, Joseph. [Melbourne Library (SLV)].

See also Reed, Smart & Tappin.

Reed, Smart & Tappin. [Church domes] [ESA Bank].

See also Smart, Tappin & Peebles and Bates, Peebles & Smart.

Salier, D G. [Commercial Bank, Launceston]

Schreiber, R. [Cannon's]

Sedgefield (of Smith & Ogg). [Rocke's] [Hicks Atkinson]

Sibley, H. E. W. [brewery, Walkerville]

Smart, F. J. and Smart, C. P. [Melbourne Library (SLV)]

See also Reed, Smart & Tappin and Smart, Tappin & Peebles.

Smart, Tappin & Peebles. [Ballarat Cathedral] [Dissecting Room, Univ.]

Smith, S. [Ackman's]

Smith & Ogg: see 'Sydney Smith & Ogg'.

Soward, George. ['Soward's floors'] [SA Chambers]

See also English & Soward.

Stapley, Frank. [AA Company] [Malthouse floors] [Dunkling's]

Stroud, Mr. (rep. of archt?) [Carlton Brewery]

Sydney Smith & Ogg. [Rocke's] [Carlton Brewery] [Victoria Brewery] [Alliance] [Hicks Atkinson]

Teague. [Willis & Co]

See also Purchas & Teague.

Thomas Watts & Son. See 'Watts & Son'.

Tompkins, H. W. & F. B. (Harry W Tompkins.) [Australian Pill] [Benjamin's] [Payne's] [Centre Way] [Commercial Travellers] [Commerce House] [Myer's] [Denyer's]

Tunbridge, Colonel. (Walter Howard Tunbridge.) [Arnside] [Grant's 2] [Cresco's]

Tunbridge & Tunbridge. [Bank Place] [Grant's]

Twentyman & Askew. [Block Arcade]

Ussher, Beverley. [Dr Ham's]

Ussher & Kemp. [Rubira's Cafe]

Vahland & Beebe (of Bendigo). [hotel, Lorne]

Vernon. (Sydney) [NSW PWD Store]

Watson, Colonel. Chief Government Architect, PWD of Victoria. [Geological Museum] [Central Cool Stores] [Titles Office] [Art School, Working Mens College]

Watts & Son. (Thomas Watts & Son) [De Graves] [Miller's 2] [Hylands] [Ch. of Holy Angels]

Wells, Alfred. [Simpson's] [Bank of Adelaide roof] [Poole's]

Williams & Good. [Tivoli deck, Adelaide]

Whitaker, R. B. [Craig's Lane]

Wood. (PWD) [Central Telephone Exchange]

Wood. (archt?) [Wunderlich's]

Wright, C. E. [balcony proposals] [George Hotel]

Wright, Ernest. [Empire Bldgs] [Walker's]