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This site has been dormant since 2013-14 owing to multiple distractions. Many external links have become outdated. A start is being made on fixing these, and performing minor housekeeping and updating along the way.
Since our research for this website was completed, the Monash family has given permission for the NLA to digitise most of its holdings of Monash's correspondence. The results are available within Trove.

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JM's career in brief
Management of the businesses
JM & Australian Engineering
JM's Projects
Tanks and Silos overview
Tanks of the SA RC Co.
People - Staff & Others
People - Architects
Bridges Index
Buildings Index
Marine etc Structures
Pipe Factory
Tanks & Silos Index
Wall Structures
Water Supply & Drainage
Reference Context Research for this study
Units & Currency
Transport & Communications
Technology overseas (1910)
State of Profession, 1913
Public Works in Victoria, 1914


Technical Matters Management & Business Some technical papers by JM
Monier Concrete
The Monier Arch
Arch computations
RCMPC girder bridges
  -Load Test 1997
JM on concrete construction
JM's contribution to r.c.
Retaining walls
Expanded metal
See also the Building Pages
Business aspects of JM's career pre-WW1.
Outer Circle Line
  JM on superintendance.
SARC job descriptions
More is to be found on management in:
  the Building Pages
  Koondrook Bridge story
  Preston No.2 Reservoir
  Shepparton Bridge 1911
  Sparrovale Silos
Superintendence of Contracts, 1890
Reinforced Concrete in Building Construction, 1904
Modern Building Construction, 1907
Concrete Construction, 1908
Some Impressions of Travel, 1911
The Engineering Profession in Australia, 1913
Public Works in Victoria, 1914


New South Wales South Australia Tasmania Victoria
F M Gummow
W J Baltzer
Annandale Aqueducts
SA Reinforced Concrete Co.
SA Girder Bridges
SA Tanks
Glanville Wharf
Birkenhead Wharf (project)
Glenelg Breakwater (abandoned)
Ocean Steamers Wharf (project)
Concrete pontoon
Resident Engineers
  W W Harvey
  H G Jenkinson
Bank, Launceston
King River Bridge, Crotty
Map of tanks & silos in Victoria
Map of Monier arch bridges
Map of r.c. girder bridges

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