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Projects Index: Buildings
in the form of a Timeline

Project Name: I have mostly used the name given to the project by RCMPC. Details of the original owner and, where known, subsequent changes, appear in the 'Notes' on each project. If a project seems significant in my opinion in size or nature, its name is shown bold. City/Town: Suburbs of Melbourne and Adelaide are indicated by placing the city name in brackets after the suburb name. All country towns mentioned are in the State of Victoria. Remarks: Nomenclature of building floors (Ground then First, etc) follows Australian practice. Date: Generally quoted as month/year. The first figure is generally the date at which the project first came to RCMPC's attention. The second is generally the date at which RCMPC tendered its final account, or someone reported "all major work finished". Price: Provided as a guide to the size of the project. Sometimes based on the tender price, sometimes on the final account. Figures often varied somewhat due to extras, disputed claims, or retention of moneys.

More building projects: The index below points to a comprehensive selection of RCMPC's building projects including all considered significant, and a representative selection of minor ones. More may be found by scrolling through the 'Building Pages' starting with Building Page 1.

Caution. The information on this page concerning buildings comes mainly from a speedy 'first pass' through the RCMPC records and from dipping into the Monash Papers at NLA looking for information on other themes. It is presented to indicate the nature and scope of JM's work in building construction. Details should be used with caution.

JM's Early Building Projects
In order of initiation of project.

Transit Shed. Melbourne Steel design by JM for Harbor Trust. 1892 Notes
Steele's Shops. Port Melbourne Engineering consultancy for architect C. E. Wright. 1895-1896 Notes
Cameron Bros. Melbourne. Advice on strengthening factory floors. (Timber on steel.) 1895 Notes

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Early Monier Building Projects
In order of initiation of project.

Davies Dairy. Creswick. Monier concrete walls and arched roof for W. Davies. 03/1900 to 05/1900 £36 Notes.
W. J. Baltzer visits Melbourne, introduces JM to French and German texts on reinforced concrete. 01/1903   Notes.
Malthouse. Melbourne? Design and tender for floors. Archt De Lacy Evans. 07/1903 to 08/1903 £1500 Notes.
'Leura'. South Yarra (Melbourne). Balcony and supports. Archt Anketell Henderson. 01/1904 to 02/1904 £? Notes.
NMLA Offices: floors. Ballarat Ground and first floors in ribbed reinforced concrete on steel beams. 03/1904 to 12/1905? £? Notes.
28 June. JM presents paper on Reinforced Concrete in Building Construction to Royal Victorian Institute of Architects. 06/1904    
'Raveloe'. South Yarra (Melbourne). Roof to ballroom. Archt. W. A. M. Blackett. 07/1904 to 12/1904 £135 Notes.

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First important reinforced concrete building projects
In order of initiation of project.

Mitchell's Building. Melbourne. Initial design and quote for "fireproof" floors. 08/04 £? Notes
Bank Place Chambers 'Whitehall'. Melbourne. R.C. footings, columns, floors, stairs, partitions, roof. (External walls masonry.) 03/05 to 05/06? £3500 Notes
'Chastleton'. Toorak (Melbourne). Roof to entrance porch. Archt: De Lacy Evans. 07/05 £? Notes
AMLF Stores. South Kensington (Melbourne). Hide, Skin and Tallow Stores. Archts: Purchas & Teague. 07/05 to 10/06? £4,000+ Notes
New Benevolent Asylum. Cheltenham (Melbourne). Initial concept. Archt: C. A. D'Ebro. Construction. 02/06    
AMLF Offices. Melbourne. In William St. Reinforced concrete structure, partitions. Archt: Purchas & Teague 02/06 to early 1907 £6500 Notes

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Period of minor building projects.
In order of initiation of project.

Post Office foundations. Warracknabeal. Piles and spreader beams. Archt: PWD. 03/06 to 08/06 £? Notes
Rubira's Cafe. Melbourne. Bourke St. R.C. roof on steel beams. Archt: Ussher & Kemp. 05/06 to 09/06 £350? Notes
Dental Hospital. Melbourne. Floors, partitions, stairs, sawtooth roof to lecture theatre. Archts W. M. Campbell, P. W. Kernot. 05/06 to mid 1907 £1050 Notes
'Fairlie House'. South Yarra (Melbourne). Anderson St. Porch and possibly roof. Archt: Purchas. 06/06 to 06/07 £? Notes
Alfred Hospital (portion). Melbourne. Floor plates and partitions, Operating Theatre and Students' Gallery. Archt: Anketell Henderson. 07/06 to 03/07? £158 Notes
Foy & Gibson's. Adelaide. Partition and curtain walls only? Archt: Baxter. 08/06 to 05/07 £? Notes
Buckley & Nunn's Store. Fireproof roof. Melbourne. Bourke St. Roof and lift house. Archts: Hyndman & Bates 10/06 to 07/07 £570 Notes
Seamen's Mission. South Melbourne. Footings and roof. Archts: Butler & Bradshaw. 10/06 to 11/07 £360? Notes
Brougham Chambers Strong Room. Melbourne. Chancery Lane. Archt: G. B. Leith. 10/06 to 11/06 £60 Notes
MMBW Fireproof Planroom. Melbourne. Brick perimeter walls, r.c. footings, floor, roof. Archts: Oakden & Ballantyne. 12/06 to 08/07 £330 Notes
Union Bank (portions). Rochester. Foundations, strongroom and tank. Archts: Butler & Bradshaw. 12/06 to 06/07 £290 Notes

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JM's return to major building projects (1907).
In order of initiation of project.

E.S.& A. Bank (portion). Canterbury (Melbourne). Pile and ground-beam foundations. Archts: Reed Smart & Tappin. 01/07? to 03/07? £300? Notes
City Abattoirs. Kensington (Melbourne). Slaughterhouse and Hanging Room. Footings, ground floor, columns and first floor. H. E. Morton City Archt. Quote: 01/07 Constr: 04/08 to 08/08 £4000? Notes
Kither's Building. Adelaide. King William St. Mainly r.c. building with some use of steel. Archts; Garlick & Jackman. 01/07 to 03/08 £5940 Notes
Government Printing Office. Melbourne. Footings, columns, two floors. Government archt: J. H. Marsden. Design: 02/07 Constr: 12/07 to 01/08? £760 Notes
Willis & Co. Building Melbourne? Isolated footings, columns, floors, walls. Archt: Teague. 02/07 to 08/08? £610 Notes
Metropolitan Meat Market. Melbourne. Floor. Archts: Gibbs & Finlay. 03/07 to 10/07? £820 Notes
Melbourne Grammar School, new building. Melbourne. Concrete stairs, floors, partitions. Archts: Godfrey & Spowers. 03/07 to 07/07 £260 Notes
BATC Building No.1. Melbourne. At least an additional floor and roof. Probably r.c. curtain walls, stairs etc. Archt: F. J. Davies. 03/07 to 09/08 £3000 Notes
Register Building. Adelaide. Grenfell St. R.C. floors with some steel columns. Archts: Garlick & Jackman. Idea: 03/07 Constr: 02/08 to 1909 £3700? Notes
Windsor Telephone Exchange. Windsor (Melbourne). Floors, stairs, etc. Client: Dept of Home Affairs. Thomas Hill, Acting Director, Works Branch. 05/07 to 12/08 £710 Notes
Mitchell's Buildings (No.1) Melbourne. Oliver Lane. Interior: complete r.c. construction. Side walls: load-bearing brick? Front and back facades: transoms: r.c; columns [t.b.a.] 05/07 to 12/07? £3300+ Notes
Central Telephone Exchange (alias 'Melbourne Exchange'). Melbourne. Footings, columns, floors, sawtooth roof, some stairs and partitions. Client: Commonwealth (of Australia) PWD. Archts: C. W. Brittingham and Mr Wood. 05/07 to early 1909 £3800 Notes
Commercial Bank. Later ES&A then ANZ. Launceston. Reinforced concrete floors. Archt: D. G. Salier. 07/07 to late 1909 £3850 Notes
Dr Ham's Bldg. Melbourne. Professional Chambers, Collins St. Floors Archts: Ussher & Kemp. 07/07 to 01/08 £340 Notes
University Medical School additions. Melbourne. R.C. floor for additional storey. Archts: Smart Tappin & Peebles. 08/07 to 04/08? £310 Notes
Town Hall additions. Melbourne. Drawings show roofs over Council Chambers and strong room, floors, stairs, and casing of steel members. City Archt: Morton. 08/07 to late 1909 £1460 Notes
Spencer St Power Station (additions). Melbourne. Flue. Foundations and portions of floor (to Boiler House?). Client: City of Melbourne. Archt: H. E. Morton. 11/07 to 02/09 £950 Notes
Expanded metal controversy. 12/07 to 01/08   Notes

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Building Projects initiated in 1908.
In order of initiation of project.

Lincoln Stewart Building modifications. Melbourne. Flinders St. Footings, columns, floors. Archt: R. M. King. 01/08 to 04/08? £650 Notes
A A Company roof. Melbourne. Exhibition St. Flat roof area. 01/08 to 06/08 £90 Notes
Royal Bank minor works. Melbourne. Elizabeth St. Strong Rooms and stair. Archts: Purchas & Teague. 02/08 to 04/08 £200? Notes
Condell's Estate Buildings. Melbourne. Elizabeth St. Footings, columns, floors. Archt: F. J. Davies. 02/08 to 10/08? £1470 Notes
Bowman's Building. Adelaide. King William St. Two blocks of about six storeys. Archts: Garlick & Jackman. 03/08 to 02/10 £14,330 Notes
Mitchell's Building No.2. Melbourne. Olivers Lane. Footings, columns, floors, stairs, walls. 03/08 to 10/08? £3060 Notes
States Tobacco Co Bldg partitions. Melbourne.  . c.03/08 £65 Notes
Carlton Brewery floors. Carlton (Melbourne). Extension of cellars at Ballarat St and r.c. floors at Brewing Tower. Archts: Sidney Smith & Ogg. 04/08 to 09/08 £2800? Notes
Victoria Brewery floors. Melbourne. Archts: Sidney Smith & Ogg.. 04/08 to 08/08 £? Notes
Grant's Building. Melbourne. Swanston St Nth. Warehouse. Footings, columns and roof designed to act as floor for additional storey. Archts Tunbridge & Tunbridge. 05/08 to 10/08 £1680 Notes
Canterbury Post Office. Canterbury (Melbourne). Floor and stairs. Client: Dept of Home Affairs. 05/08 to 05/09 £180 Notes
Hawthorn Telephone Exchange and Post Office. Hawthorn (Melbourne). Drgs show two floors and roof, footings, columns, stairs. Client: Dept of Home Affairs. 05/08 to mid 09? £? Notes
Abraham's floor. Melbourne. Little Lonsdale St. Small floor. Archts: Grainger, Kennedy & Little 05/08 to 07/08 £? Notes
'Bililla'. Brighton (Melbourne). Halifax St. Girder and lintel curved in plan. Archt: Walter Butler. 05/08 to 06/08 £40 Notes
Bay St shop fronts. North Brighton (Melbourne). Beam to support brick walls above three shop fronts. Archt: M. H. Ah Muoy. 05/08 to 07/08 £30? Notes
State Library Tender. Melbourne. Substructure and Dome. Archts: Bates Peebles & Smart. c.05/08 to c.04/09 £3500+ Notes
23 June 1908. JM delivers paper to RVIA including arguments why reinforced concrete cannot be entrusted to non-specialists. 06/08   Text
Electric Supply Office. Melbourne. Spencer St. Foundations, floors. City Archt: E. H. Morton. 06/08 to 12/08 £430 Notes
Robert Reid's Warehouse. Melbourne. Flinders St. Ground, first floors, roof. Girder steel encased. Archts: Bates Peebles & Smart. 06/08 to 05/09? £3800 Notes
City Destructor floor. Melbourne. R.C. floor on steel beams. City Archt: H. E. Morton. 07/08 to 02/09? £? Notes
Novitiate. Flemington (Melbourne). Floors and partitions. Archts: Grainger Kennedy & Little. 07/08 to 12/08 £1100 Notes
Dessicator Floor. South Kensington (Melbourne).   07/08 to 09/08 £80 Notes
Veranda Arch. South Yarra (Melbourne). Feature for residence. Span 24 ft. 08/08 £10 Notes
De Graves Warehouse. Melbourne. Degraves St. R.C. floor and flat roof. Archts: Thos Watts & Sons. 09/08 to 09/09 £740 Notes
Mitchell's Building No.3. Melbourne. Olivers Lane. Minor works. 10/08 £160 Notes
Russell's Building (project). Melbourne. Archt: W B Forster. 11/08 to 12/08 n/a Notes
Butter Factory floor. Hamilton. Archt: Frank Hammond. 11/08 to 07/09 £62 Notes
PWD Store (advice). Darling Harbour (Sydney). Archt: Vernon. 11/08 ? Notes

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Building Projects initiated in 1909.
In order of initiation of project.

Benjamin's Floors. Melbourne. Small floor. Archts: H. W. & F. B. Tompkins. 01/09 £55 Notes
Albany Chambers. Melbourne. 230 Collins St. Additional storey, flat roof, walls, etc. Archts: Billing Son & Peck. 02/09 to 11/09 £2060 Notes
Payne's Warehouse. Melbourne. Bourke St. Second floor and flat roof, casing of steel members. Archts: H. W. & F. B. Tompkins. 03/09 to 10/09 £1010 Notes
Patent challenge re use of reinforced concrete by architect/engineer C. A. D'Ebro at Oakleigh Abattoirs. 04/09   Notes
Banks & Co. Warehouse. Melbourne. Flinders Lane. Flat roof. Floors? Stiffening of steel columns. Archts: Billing Son & Peck. 04/09 to 08/09 £950 Notes
'Arnside' Stables. South Yarra (Melbourne). Small suspended floor and details. Archt: Tunbridge. 06/09 to 07/09 £30 Notes
New Benevolent Asylum. Cheltenham (Melbourne). Columns and floors in four "pavilions". Archt: C. A. D'Ebro. Construction 06/09 to 12/09+ £1700 Notes
Brunswick Post Office. Brunswick (Melbourne). Floors, stairs, lintels, perhaps columns. 06/09 to 01/10? £340 Notes
3 consulting jobs. Melbourne. (1) Tarrant Garage alterations. (2) Engine vibration. (3) Test plates for Swanson Bros. mid 1909   Notes
Consulting job. Melbourne. Strengthening of floors at BATC factory. Aug 1909   Notes
Warehouse, Craig's Lane. Melbourne. Bourke St. Three floors. Archt: R. B. Whitaker. 09/09 to 01/10 £420 Notes
BATC Building No.2. Melbourne. Stewart St. Two blocks? Up to 4? floors. Archt: F. J. Davies. 09/09 to 02/11 £1500? Notes
McCracken's Brewery additions. Melbourne. Collins St. New warehouse and additions to brewery. Archts: Purchas & Teague. 09/09 to late 1910 £10,800? Notes
Stuart's Warehouse. Melbourne. Flinders St. Two floors and roof, etc. Archts: Billing Son & Peck. 11/09 to 08/10 £3130 Notes

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Building Projects initiated in 1910.
In order of initiation of project.

Ackman's Warehouse. Fitzroy (Melbourne) 249-251 Smith St. Internal rebuilding in r.c. Demolished late 1980s. Facades remain. 02/10 to late 1910 £550 Notes
RCMPC's Patent protection for in situ reinforced concrete work ends. (Patent for pipe production continues until 1911.) 11 Feb 1910    
Butter Factory floor. Lake Boga. Slab-on-ground?. 03/10 to 04/10 £? Notes
Church of England Grammar School. Melbourne. Staircase. 03/10 to 06/10 £80 Notes
Monash leaves for tour of Europe and USA. end 03/10    
Jackman & Son's Cafe. Adelaide. King William St. Archts: Garlick & Jackman. 04/10? to 06/11 £3900 Notes
Post Office (portion). Seymour. "Balcony" floor and lintels only. 05/10 to 08/10 £90 Notes
Harris Scarfe aka Richard Smith Warehouse aka Worando Building. Adelaide. Columns, floors, some partitions. 05/10 to 09/11 £? Notes
Collins House. Melbourne. Collins St. Three blocks, central one with complete r.c. carcase. Others had r.c. floors, stairs, etc. Archts: Butler & Bradshaw / Grainger & Little. 07/10 to 02/12 £11,240 Notes
City Abattoirs extensions. Kensington (Melbourne). Extensions to Hanging Room and Slaughterhouse. City Archt: H. E. Morton. 07/10 to early 1911 £3070 Notes
Simpson & Sons Building. Adelaide. Gawler Place. Two floors and roof. Archt: Alfred Wells. (SARCC job.) 09/10 to 12/10 £? Notes
Monash returns from tour of Europe and USA. [JM's impressions] early 11/10    
Newman & Sons Building. Melbourne. Elizabeth St. R.C. first floor. 11/10 to 12/10 £90 Notes

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Building Projects initiated in 1911.
In order of initiation of project.

Bagot, Shakes & Lewis Warehouse. Adelaide. First floor, roof, columns, stairs etc. SARCC job. 01/11 to 02/12 £? Notes
Buckley & Nunn Warehouse additions. Melbourne. Additional floor, roof, lift house, casing of existing steelwork. Archt: Peebles & Smart. 01/11 to 11/11 £1630 Notes
Abattoirs / Freezing Works. Murtoa. Portions of slaughterhouse - footings, columns, first floor. Archt C D'Ebro. 01/11 to 10/11 £1310 Notes
Savings Bank. Melbourne. Elizabeth St. Floors, roof, walls, casing of steelwork. Archt: J. H. Grainger. 01/11 to late 1912 £7040 Notes
Amalgamated Pictures Theatre. Melbourne. Flinders St. Floors, partitions, lintels, encasement of steel members. Archts: Nahum Barnet and Klingender & Alsop. 02/11 to 06/12+ £1700 Notes
Bank of NSW. Melbourne. Flinders and King Sts. Floors, walls. Archts: Godfrey Spowers. 02/11 to 06/11 £? Notes
GNCS Gippsland & Northern Co-operative Selling Co Buildings. Melbourne. Flinders Lane. Offices and Stores. Archts: Grainger & Little. 02/11 to 05/12? £7700 Notes
Perryman's Shop. Adelaide. King William St, adjacent to Jackman's Cafe. SARCC job. 03/11 to 07/11 ? Notes
Dennys Lascelles Austin Wool Store, Geelong (engineered by E G Stone). Observations by P T Fairway. 03/11   Notes
Gender's Building. Four floors on steel columns. Archt: Jackman? SARCC job. 04/11 to 08/11 £2550 Notes
Australian Paper Mills floors. Broadford. Floors only, most on ground. Client: Austral Otis. 04/11 to 08/11 £330 Notes
Foundations and strongroom for Melbourne Co-op. Brewery. Abbotsford (Melbourne) Drgs show what looks like a conventional suburban house. 04/11 to 06/11 £295 Notes
Centre Way Arcade. Melbourne. Collins St. Six floors and roof, stairs, some partitions. 05/11 to early 1912 £4900 Notes
Cannon's Factory. Melbourne. Little Lonsdale St. First floor. Archt: R. Schreiber. 05/11 to 09/11 c£400 Notes
Menz's Building. Adelaide? Floors. Archt: Dancker. 05/11 to 06/12 £? Notes
Butter & Cheese Factory. Trafalgar. Suspended floor(s). Archts: Grainger & Little. 06/11 to 10/12 £170? Notes
BATC Building No.3 (alias extension to No.2). Melbourne. Stewart/Stuart St. Floors and roofs. Some columns and encasement. Archt: F. J. Davies. 06/11 to 09/13 £1180? Notes
Queensland House. Melbourne. William St. Six storey office block. Foundations, floors, some columns. Much steelwork in the building. Archts: Butler & Bradshaw. 07/11 to 10/12 £8740 Notes
Co-operative Jam Factory Co. Payneham. Columns and floor. 07/11 to 11/11 £367 Notes
Rolfe & Co. Warehouse. Melbourne. Bourke St. Staircase. 08/11 to 10/11 £1030 Notes
Schneider's Warehouse. Melbourne. Flinders Lane. Additional storey with r.c. roof. 08/11 to 11/11 £1033 Notes
Verco's Building Stage 1. Adelaide. 178-9 North Terrace. Six floors. R.C. frame. Archt: E. H. McMichael. 08/11 to 09/12. £4700+ Notes
George Hotel. North Melbourne. Victoria St. Extension. Archt C. E. Wright. 09/11 to 01/12 £164 Notes
Morris Residence. Unley Park (Adelaide). Footings and balcony on columns. Archts: Davis & Claridge. SARCC job. 09/11 to 04/12 £790 Notes
Malvern & Prahran Tramway Trust Bldg. Malvern (Melbourne). R.C. ground floor, portions of ceiling, partitions, stairs, lintels. Archt: L. J. Flanagan. 10/11 to 02/12 £? Notes
'Cranleigh' (portion). South Yarra (Melbourne). Projecting dressing room. Archts: Butler & Bradshaw. 10/11 to 12/11. £130 Notes
Francis Pharmacy. Melbourne. Bourke St. Fully r.c. building. Ground, mezzanine, four floors and roof. Archt: Nahum Barnet. 11/11 to 04/13 £2575 Notes
Patterson Laing & Bruce Warehouses. Melbourne. Flinders Lane. Additional storeys. Archts: Twentyman & Askew. 11/11 to 06/12+ £10,000 Notes
Metropolitan Gas Co. Offices. West Melbourne. Ground and first floors, walls. 11/11 to 05/12 £1320 Notes
JM's intervention in passage of South Australian Building Act 1911. 11/11   Notes
Fowler's Building. Adelaide. King William St. R.C. columns and floors within stone walls of old warehouse gutted by fire. Archt: F. Counsell. SARCC job. 12/11 to 09/12 £6300 Notes

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Building Projects initiated in 1912.
In order of initiation of project.

Watson's Building. Melbourne. Flinders Lane. Floors, strong rooms, roof, stairs, encasement of steel members. Archts: Bates Peebles & Smart. 01/12 to 02/13 £8000 Notes
Butter Factory floor. Springhurst. Small suspended floor. Archt: A. C. MacKnight. 01/12 to 07/12 £110 Notes
Curtis Building additions. Melbourne. Queen St. Floor, stairs and walls. 02/12 to 03/12 £110 Notes
Miller's Warehouse. Melbourne. Bond St. Fifth floor, walls and roof. 02/12 to 05/12 £? Notes
Britannia Theatre minor works. Melbourne. Bourke St. Foundations and structure for facade. Archt: Nahum Barnet. 02/12 to 04/12 £? Notes
Methodist Book Depot. Melbourne. Probably footings only. Archt: G. B. Leith. 03/11 to 05/12 £160 Notes
Central Cool Stores. West Melbourne. Two large r.c. rafts. 03/12 to 11/12 £5860 Notes
Freezing Works extensions. Murtoa. Footings, columns, suspended floor. 03/12 to 08/12 £? Notes
Day's Building. Adelaide. Gilbert Place. Walls between cast iron columns. early 1912 £200 Notes
Show Grounds Stands Nos 1 & 2. Flemington (Melbourne). Archts: Billing Son & Peck. 03/12 to 07/12 £1030 Notes
Miller's Warehouse addition. Melbourne. Flinders Lane Additional storey. 04/12 to 10/12 £? Notes
Walker's Buildings. Melbourne. Bourke St. Ground and first to fourth floors. Archts: De Lacy Evans and Ernest Wright. 06/12 to 03/13? £1330 Notes
Hylands Building. Melbourne. Cnr Queen and Collins St.   06/12 to 03/13 £4030 Notes
Poole's Warehouse. Adelaide? Two floors and walls. Archt: Alfred Wells. 08/12 to 01/13 £500 Notes
Angas Residence. North Adelaide. "Various" r.c. work. Archts: English & Soward 08/12 £190 Notes
BATC. Additions. Stewart Street. New third floor and roof. 09/12 to 01/13(?) £2270 Notes
Verga's Building. Melbourne. Little Collins St. Staircase. 09/12 to 10/12 £120 Notes
Building in Collins Place. Melbourne. Small floors on brick walls and steel beams. Archt: Geo Cummings. 10/12 to 12/12 £110 Notes
Leviathan Building. Melbourne. Bourke St. Third floor and roof, stairs and details. Archt: Bate Peebles & Smart. 10/12 to 03/13 £340 Notes
Craigie's Building. Melbourne. Little Collins St. Staircase. Archts: Billing Peck & Kemter 12/12 to 02/13 £70 Notes
Sth Australian Co Professional Chambers (Gawler Chambers). Adelaide. North Terrace. Footings, columns, floors, roof. Archts: English & Soward. 12/12 to early 1914 £1250 Notes

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Building Projects initiated in 1913.
In order of initiation of project.

Kozminsky's Building. Melbourne. Grimes Lane. First floor on brick perimeter walls. Archt: J. Plottel. 02/13 to 04/13 £130 Notes
Show Grounds Stand No.4. Flemington (Melbourne).   02/13 to ?? ? Notes
Shaw's Building. North Carlton (Melbourne). Fireproof staircase. 06/13 to 08/13 £40 Notes
Holy Angels Church. Balaclava (Melbourne). Gothic style arcade. Archts: Thos Watts & Sons. 06/13 to 09/13 £70 Notes
Hewitt House. Melbourne. Ground and first floors and appurtenances. Archt: F. P. Davies. 07/13 to 10/13 £510 Notes
Wool Exchange. Melbourne. Cnr King and Little Collins Sts. RCMPC seem to have taken this job as general contractor. Archts: Purchas & Teague. 07/13 to 10/14? £37,200 Notes
Freeman's Stairs. Carlton (Melbourne). Two-flight staircase. 08/13 to 09/13 £190 Notes
Roughton's Building. Melbourne. Bourke St. Completely r.c. construction. Basement and four storeys. Archt: Nahum Barnet. 08/13 to 08/14? £4300 Notes
Union Bank. Yarram Yarram and Colac. Foundations only. 11/13 to 22/14 £320 Notes
Verco's Building Stage 2. Adelaide. Archt: E. H. McMichael 11/13 to late 1914 £9000 Notes
Butter Factory. Birregurra. Slab-on-ground. Archt: P. J. Fick. 12/13 to 04/14 £240 Notes
Wardrop's Building. Melbourne. Elizabeth St. Five? storeys. Mainly r.c. building. Archt? 12/13 to 06/14 £2260 Notes
JM's intervention in passage of South Australian Building Act 1913. 12/13   Notes
Moore's Building. Adelaide. Large facade girders and architectural work in r.c. c.1913 ? Notes

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Building Projects initiated in 1914.
In order of initiation of project.

Gibbs Bros Building. Melbourne. Niagara Lane. Suspended floor on encased steel beams. 01/14 to 03/14 £120 Notes
Denyer's Building. Melbourne. Swanston St. Five story r.c. building. Archts: H. W. & F. B. Tompkins. 01/14 to 10/14 £1800 Notes
Dunkling House. Melbourne. Collins St. Seven storeys. Floors, roof, partitions, encasement of steel. Archt: F. Stapley. 01/14 to 10/14 £3530 Notes
Cornell's Warehouse. Adelaide. Pirie St. Ground, first floor, roof, columns, walls. Archt E. H. McMichael. 01/14 to 09/14 £5120 Notes
Langwill's Building. Melbourne. Ramsden Place. Fireproof staircase. 01/14 to 04/14 £? Notes
Collins House Extensions. Melbourne. Collins St. Eight storeys. Mainly r.c. building with some steel columns. Archts: Eggleston & Oakley. 04/14 to mid 1915 over £13,000 Notes
Elizabeth House. Melbourne. Cnr Elizabeth and Little Collins Sts. Eight storeys. Much steelwork. Archts: Grainger & Little. 02/14 to 02/16 over £35,000 Notes
Brewery Floors. Walkerville (Adelaide). Floors, columns. Archt: H. E. Sibley. 04/14 to 08/14 £1210 Notes
JM's attack on economic viability of steel frames for buildings. 04/14   Notes
Coates Building. Melbourne. Collins St/ Baptist Lane. Seven storey r.c. building. Archt: Nahum Barnet. 06/14 to 1915 £4570 Notes

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