John Monash: Engineering enterprise prior to WW1.

Reinforced Concrete T-girder Bridges. Excelsior Bridge 1909.

View from the bank below the level of the girders. The single pier is pierced by two arched openings. Board marks left by the formwork, and extensive staining result in a heavy visual effect.See paragraph below.

By 2013, corrosion of reinforcement and flaking (spalling) of concrete cover on the outer girders of Monash's bridge led to concern that it would soon be unable to resist heavy modern traffic (T44 loading). A contract was signed to replace the bridge, but the contractor proposed an alternative solution: to build a modern deck with a single span sitting on new abutments just outside the old. This work was completed in 2014. The new deck was placed just above and clear of the historic deck, so that the old bridge now has to carry only its own weight. The contractor repaired its deteriorated girders to assure preservation. Elsewhere, the old concrete was still sound and showed equivalent cylinder strengths between 28 and 47 MPa.

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