John Monash: Engineering enterprise prior to WW1.

Ford's Creek Bridge, Mansfield. Load test on the Monier arch.

The bridge viewed side-on with a traction engine near mid span and a crowd of all ages lining the handrail. The gully is quite steep, and the abutment blocks are low on the banks, resulting in a relatively high rise-to-span ratio.

Photo courtesy of Mansfield Historical Society.

The test took place on 31 October 1903. Monash, in a dark suit, is just discernable in front of the driving wheel of the traction engine, with his right hand on the top rail.

Another photograph of the test is in the University of Melbourne Archives. The engine is in the same position, but the arrangement of the crowd is different.

History of Ford's Creek Bridge.
Photo: casting Ford's Ck arch.

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