John Monash: Engineering enterprise prior to WW1.

Monier arch bridge at Anderson Street, Melbourne (Morell Bridge).

Group photograph. Beards, moustaches, top hats and bowlers are prominent. It was a black-tie occasion.

Engineers assembled for the load test, 20 July 1899.
Detail. The original shows very faint features of the spandrels above the heads of the group.
Photo: National Library of Australia, Manuscripts Collection, MS1884 Sir John Monash

Names have been inserted along the top and bottom borders of the NLA print, but there is one missing. The first nine line up well with the figures. From left, ignoring rows, they are "Rennick; N. Kelly; Catani; T. Short; Forrest; C. E. Oliver; Davidson; Mountain; Monash". The name 'Gummow' is between the tenth and eleventh heads, but near the left foot of the tenth figure. The last name, 'W. Thwaites', lines up with the right-hand (12th) figure. Our latest theory is that No.11 is F. M. Gummow. This is based on a photograph reproduced in Don Fraser's 1985 paper. The most likely candidate for No.10 is Hickson, Secretary of the NSW PWD, who was mentioned in newspapers as being present. Another 'possible' is Carter (Gummow's partner).

History of the Monier arch bridge at Anderson St.
Photograph of test.
Modern photo.
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